Established in 1984, Aldec is an industry leader in electronic design verification and offers a patented technology suite including: RTL design and mixed-language simulation (VHDL®, Verilog®, SystemVerilog/UVM), FPGA-based hardware-assisted verification, SoC and ASIC prototyping, emulation, design rule checking, clock domain crossing, VIP transactors, requirements lifecycle management, embedded development kits, high-performance computing and acceleration, DO-254 functional verification, and military and aerospace solutions.


Cadence enables global electronic design innovation and plays an essential role in the creation of today’s integrated circuits and electronics. Customers use Cadence® software, hardware, IP, and services to design and verify advanced semiconductors, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with sales offices, design centers, and research facilities around the world to serve the global electronics industry.


Chiastek is a privately owned company (SMB), headquartered in Toulouse with subsidiaries in Chicago, Illinois in the United States and in Düsseldorf in Germany. The company delivers software products addressing Model-Based Systems Engineering. Their main target is to provide high value-added solutions for verification of complex products in the aerospace, automotive, and communications industry. With customers around the globe, Chiastek has a proven track record of industrial use cases solving coupling and other co-simulation issues in the design, test, and analysis process. Big players like Airbus, Boeing, GM, PSA, Toyota, and others are customers using CosiMate´s unique co-simulation bus-architecture in their daily operation.

FLIR Systems

As the world leader in thermal imaging cameras, FLIR Systems, Inc. offers accurate, non-contact temperature measurement for R&D/science and automation applications. FLIR’s infrared cameras work seamlessly with MATLAB® vision tools, allowing for rapid development of customized and versatile test and measurement solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.


Real-time target machines from Speedgoat are expressly designed to work with Simulink Real-Time™; connect with your physical hardware under test; run real-time applications created from Simulink® using automatic C and HDL code generation; verify and validate your designs; and continuously try new ideas.

TIBCO Software

TIBCO fuels digital business by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions through the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud. From APIs and systems to devices and people, the company interconnects everything, captures data in real time wherever it is, and augments the intelligence of your business through analytical insights. Thousands of customers around the globe rely on TIBCO to build compelling experiences, energize operations, and propel innovation.