Demo Stations

  • What's New in MATLAB and Simulink: Learn about the new features of the latest releases of MATLAB® and Simulink®.
  • Machine Learning: See how MATLAB can help you use machine learning for your applications.
  • Deep Learning: See a variety of deep learning applications for images, text, LIDAR, and signals, and speak with AI experts who can help you use MATLAB to speed up and automate your open-source workflows.
  • 5G / Wireless: Learn how MATLAB and Simulink can help wireless engineers develop new wireless algorithms, design standard-based (5G/LTE/WLAN) systems, and streamline prototyping, testing, and verification.
  • Verification and Validation: See how Model-Based Design enables verification and validation tasks to be performed early in the design process, when it is easier and cheaper to fix errors.
  • Robot Navigation: Use MATLAB and Simulink to design, test, and verify algorithms for path planning, SLAM, and path following for autonomous systems.
  • Mechatronics: See how MATLAB and Simulink work together as a simulation platform to support the mechanical, electronic, controls, computer, systems, and aerospace engineers who develop air and space flight vehicles.
  • Learning with MATLAB: Interested in integrating MATLAB and Simulink into your classroom? Come by and explore resources that support using MATLAB and Simulink in your courses and curriculum.
  • Analog Mixed-Signal: See analog mixed-signal flows with MathWorks and Cadence® products for IC and PCB design.
  • Static Code Analysis: Making embedded software safe and secure
  • Integrate with IT/OT Systems: See how MathWorks tools can be used with large-scale IT/OT infrastructure to support engineering workflows and near real-time predictive decision making applications.